Thursday, 22 April 2010

I have loads and loads of 'scrappy' wool so I am making lots of smaller items to use some, I am enjoying them too as they can usually be completed in about 2 evenings :-)

My latest project was a headband using black, blue, pirple and cream wool. The colours are so vibrant and gorgeous. The headband is designed to keep head and ears warm in the colder months.

The next photo is my most recent yarn purchases. I want so much yarn at the moment but I think my husband will divorce me if I buy any more without knitting some up.

The left skeins are rainbow which I bought from knitterarty, the middle one is apples and pears sock yarn from babylonglegs and the right hand one is a custom skein that Carley at Bibs and Bots dyed for me. This evening I will be browsing ravelry deciding what to knit.

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