Monday, 31 August 2009

Progress pics

I am working on 2 pairs of longies at the moment. I have often thought it would much more efficient to work on 2 items at once so I am giving it a go. Both customers requested the custom spots at almost exactly the same time!

Firstly are longies made from Nimbus wool by Woolly Wumpkins for Anna. I actually took the photo this morning and I have done lots more of them now.
Secondly are the camouflage longies for Tracey, I have just about finished the main body so will be splitting for legs very soon.


  1. Mmmm, they both look so yummy!

  2. wow gorgeous wool Carley! The colours on both of them look amazing! the Nimbus wool looks fab - can't wait to see it irl :-D
    Anna x

  3. Oh that Nimbus looks amazing, I've got a custom with Michelle later in the year and am hopefully having some longies in Nimbus!