Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Coming Soon - Fitted Nappies

I am really pleased to tell everyone I will soon be stocking a small selection of fitted nappies. They are made by a Canadian WAHM business and they are called Wee-ones by JaJoC.

The picture shows one if their nappies I have been testing on my little boy, Harry. The ones I will be stocking are slightly different to the picture in that they will have pockets for boosting and will have a stay dry layer of suedecloth or fleece next to baby skin.
To start with I will only have a small selection of different sizes and prints but if people like them as much as I do then I will stock many more!


  1. They look lovely Carly! Do you think you'll be getting ones like the picture?

  2. Hi Eleanor
    They will be knit prints like the picture but I dont know exactly which prints, she is doing a selection for me.

    I am only getting a small selection to start with but if they are popular I will order lots more different types, patterns etc. I think they are fab nappies.

    Carly x